Stanley “Citi” Atwater, an Atlanta native, got his start in local event promotions before moving over to the label side of the music industry. His music mogul journey started by discovering the national college anthem “Swag Surfin”, which recently gained more virality by way of Beyonce’s Homecoming Tour, propelling the anthem to RIAA certified gold. This would prove to be the launching pad to starting his own powerhouse independent record company that lives up to its success on the charts, Run-It-Up!

Run-It-Up Records was started in 2017 with its first multi-platinum hit “Nasty Freestyle” by T Wayne, which hit top 10 on the Hot 100 Charts, racking up 250 million views on YouTube. The massive success of this record put RIU on the forefront of the tech boom in the music industry, which opened the flood gates for top selling streaming records such as Trinidad Cardona’s “Jennifer” and “Dinero”, both RIAA certified gold hits.

With Citi’s intuitive early belief in the impact social media has on record sales, he took TikTok by storm with the first number one independent record ever, “Good Morning” by Mak Sauce, yielding over 150 million views. The current Run-It-Up roster bolsters acts such as YungManny (RIU/RCA) with current hit “Bitcoin”, Mak Sauce (RIU/Def Jam) collaborative effort with Blueface, “Blah Blah Blah”, and his latest phenomenon…#1 trending TikTok smash “Abow” by ShantiiP, with over 400 million views. In addition to dominating streaming, playlists, TikTok, and YouTube, RIU also has 2 records, PTPOM and Sneaky Link 2.0, climbing up Mediabase’s Published Chart, currently sitting top 20 at urban radio.

Citi’s latest power move was partnering with Ingrooves, a global leader in the music industry. He states, “We’re excited to be embarking on this new phase of growth with Ingrooves where we are sure to deliver independent hustle with major label results!”


Located in Los Angeles, CA.